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Hot Pepper Sauce

Aunty Allo's Guyana Sunshine - Hot Pepper Sauce

Aunty Allo's Guyana Sunshine - Hot Pepper Sauce

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Experience the Vibrant Flavors of the Caribbean in Every Drop!

Discover authentic Caribbean heat with our handmade "Guyana Sunshine" Hot Pepper Sauce. Crafted with care and passion in small batches, this all-natural masterpiece brings the warmth and sunshine of the Caribbean to your palate.

🌞 A Burst of Flavor: Our pepper sauce is a curated selection of locally-sourced ingredients that have been carefully blended to perfection. Each drop delivers a harmonious blend of heat, sweetness, and tanginess, creating a flavor profile that can't be beat.

🌶️ Handcrafted in Small Batches: We take pride in the art of making pepper sauce, and that's why Guyana Sunshine is created in small batches by our dedicated family team led by Aunty Allo herself. This hands-on approach ensures that every bottle is a labor of love, guaranteeing consistency and quality in every fiery bite.

🍃 All-Natural Goodness: Guyana Sunshine contains no artificial additives, colors, or preservatives. We keep it pure and simple, letting the natural ingredients shine through. It's a hot sauce you can feel good about indulging in.

🌴 Caribbean Recipe: Our recipe is one that has been in the family for years. The blend of spices, mango, and peppers bring the sunshine of Guyana right into your home. Our sauce elevates any dish with its tantalizing flavor, from simple sandwiches to full course meals.

🔥 Unleash the Sunshine: Add a dash of Guyana Sunshine to your favorite dishes, and watch as it transforms ordinary meals into extraordinary culinary experiences. Whether you're grilling, dipping, marinating, or simply drizzling, our hot sauce brings the taste of the Caribbean to your table.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Edwin Maddison

Best pepper 🌶️ sauce ever


Perfect amount of heat and extremely tasty!

Kayla Nales

Had this hot sauce at a friend’s house, and had to buy it for our house immediately! It has a good level of spice and such a a great flavor. Snag a few bottles of this, you won’t be disappointed!

Authentic Spice

Getting an authentic, flavorfull, spicey guyanese pepper sauce can be difficult unless you know someone... Aunty Allo is that person. I literally add the pepper sauce from dishes like Ramen, porkchops, pizza, and other sauces that lack character. The price and the sale makes it even better!!!!

Zakariya Scott

I borrowed this hot suase from a coworker and it is the best hot sause I've had! The flavor is so rich and the spice is right on point. Ordering more asap